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Commercial Painting

Commercial Painting

If you own a commercial building, you know the value of a fresh coat of paint on the exterior and interior of your establishment.

Why have a place of business professionally re-painted?

Don't underestimate the power of a great first impression. All experienced retailers know that walk-in customers are the ones that can make or break your business day, and they will not walk into a business that does not have a clean, fresh and welcoming feel and atmosphere. A proper repaint shows potential customers that, whoever is managing the premises, takes care of the building and cares about the customers shopping experience. Caring for how the building looks shows a level of respect for patrons that can tip the scale in your favor when it comes to decide where to shop.

What To Look For in a Commercial Painting Company?

Your business needs to find a company that is committed to completing the job in a timely manner. Time is money and each day that a business remains closed for renovation is a day off for the cash register!

Reliability and integrity are huge factors when selecting the right painting company. There is a tremendous difference between contractors that hire professional, qualified workers, for whom they provide liability insurance and workers compensation, and companies that hire just any day-laborer or other less-than-qualified personnel. Avoiding the latter will save money, headaches, and shoddy workmanship.

It's not all about looks

A fresh coat of paint looks great, but when it comes to a high-traffic area like many open to the public, protecting the building from the elements and daily wear and tear is paramount. Prep-work that includes power-washing, sealing of cracks and uneven surfaces, and proper primering are necessary steps to ensure long-lasting results, and ensure that no further work will be needed for a long time.

Resell value

Is your business relocating to another area? If you need to sell your building, or rent it to another business, it's important to make the building presentable and spotless. Stains, cracks and aging paint are not appealing to new tenants who need to use the premises for business. The resell value of the building, as well as the rental price are greatly affected by the look of the interior and exterior, and can inflate or deflate considerably.

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