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Interior painting

Interior painting: how we do it.

Painting does more than change the color of your home, it's one of the most inexpensive ways to add real value. Changing the mood of your entire home is a breeze for Peter's Painting, and it leads to a more productive lifestyle, and even lower utility bills!

The use of superior materials and durable, quality finish is just the beginning when working on your home.

We can transform the look of your home with a vast variety of options that reflect your personalized impression of the way each room must project.

Spicing up a room can be accomplished with simple, powerful touches, like adding vibrant dark colors, or painting just one wall for a punch color that can really make an impression. Peter's Painting Company achieves this by using only the finest professional painting tools and paints, such as our airless sprayers, providing stunning finishes and are perfect for reaching narrow nooks and crannies, with considerably better coverage than conventional brushes and rollers.

Once our color consultant helps our customers find that perfect color and sheen, it's time to relax and leave the rest to our professional crew and our top-of-the-line paints and primers, for a longer-lasting, beautiful coverage to be enjoyed for decades.

How we begin a new interior painting project:

The first step is to determine the type of paint that already exists on the surface to be renovated. This enables us to decide on the suitable paint as the base for the work ahead. It's simple physics: Water and oil bases don't adhere well together. Primer is often crucial to achieve top quality results.

The next step is the preparation and foundation of the surface. Our experience and time-tested techniques taught us that this phase is most important for achieving quality and durability in the long run, even more than the application process of the paint itself.

Relocating, protecting and consolidating furniture and large objects that might be in the way of the preparation process is paramount, as we value your property and we strive to protect it throughout the entire length of the project.

Once all furnitures and large objects are safely out of the way, our crew will accurately wash and dry the wall surfaces to eliminate grime and dirt, before applying primer and paint. Skipping this step will most certainly compromise the proper adhesion of the paint to the surface.

As soon as we verify optimal cleaningness of the surfaces, and before removing out paint lids, we proceed with masking and covering all surfaces that are not to be painted. The process involved lining floor surfaces with drop sheets, covering all furniture with protective liners and removing all plates and covers from wall outlets and switches.

High quality and durable fillers are used to replenish and smooth out cracks and uneven surfaces, and any drywall restoration needed.

The final phase involves the priming of all surfaces and double-checking all previous steps.

Choosing the best option to paint interiors

Spraying and rolling are the two best options available. While in the early days, spraying was not regarded as an effective way to paint a home, modern sprayers are considerably more advance and capable of finishing a home with an even coat and concentrate more paint in the least accessible areas, resulting in your home being more protected, with gorgeous results. Rolling is widely popular as the standard for painting most interior projects, yet both methods may be necessary on tough or complex textures. A customized plan is crucial for painting any space in your home.

Once the work is complete, we clear out all masking, liners and protective covers, we restore all furnitures and objects previously moved to their original position, leaving you with a beautiful newly decorated home to enjoy for years to come!

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