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Hiring an exterior painting company

What to look for when hiring an exterior painting company: here is our top 10.

Exterior painting is a popular trade, but when it comes to hiring a professional, an informed decision is vital. We would like to make it easy for you and give you a top ten list of what to take into consideration when looking for a professional painting company.

  1. Power washing

    If dirt and grime accumulated on a house is not removed first, the paint pigment will not adhere. Power washing will rid a home of any dust, dirt, and mildew, so that it is ready for a long lasting, durable finish. Exterior paint starts peeling off quickly without a proper cleaning of all surfaces where paint must be applied. Power washing is money in your pocket!

  2. Project completion within 5 working days

    Your home is where you live and where your family spends quality time. If after five days your newly hired painting contractor still has ladders and equipment laying around a half-painted house, it's time to shop for a better contractor.

  3. References

    Painting contractors earn the right to be called professionals by demonstrating the quality of their work with a trackable history of satisfied clientele. Dont' waste your money in a firm with no history or verifiable endorsements.

  4. Quotes must include all labor and materials, and all-inclusive warranty in the fine print.

    Professional work means having the experience to determine the length and cost of any job, no matter how big or small. Don't be afraid of demanding a comprehensive and detailed quote that includes warranty protecting you, your home and your valuables from shoddy workmanship.

  5. On-site supervisor or manager

    Painting a home is a coordinated team effort, where the left hand must know what the right hand is doing. A crew that is left without direction, or leadership, will not provide quality work.

  6. Liability insurance and workers compensation

    When workers are protected and treated fairly, they are productive and motivated in giving 110% in dedication to their job. Don't take a chance on a company that treats its employees poorly.

  7. No payment until home is inspected

    It happens all the times: you contact a company. The company demands a down payment. The company disappears, procrastinates or flakes out. That's when you have that sinking feeling that you have been had. Cover your basis, demand an inspection, see the company at work. Ask to speak with the owner, in person, before getting your checkbook.

  8. No day laborers or non-qualified personnel

    Firms that tend to hire day-laborers or non-qualified workers without experience or background, can turn a simple project into a nightmare. An experienced crew goes a long way in demonstrating the integrity and honesty of a professional company.

  9. Top of the line paint

    When choosing the right exterior paint to protect your home, be cautious when choosing which sheen to finish with. Higher sheen will protect from sun damage. Gloss paint is a better option for high traffic areas such as window casings and trim, porches, door frames and back patios.

  10. 100% acrylic Caulk (45-year guarantee)

    Using the proper caulking can be a money saver on exterior painting work in the long run. Spending a little extra on siliconized, top-of-the line polyurethane acrylic caulks insulates the home from air leaks, water damage, and other weather conditions. The average home needs up to 8 tubes of calking, and will help reducing considerable the electric bill as a result of better insulation.

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